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Judging Others

Okay… So I’m Christian… and I do the whole church thing.

I live and let live and I really try not to judge.

But sometimes, though I believe in God and the church, I do not always have a high opinion of the people in the church.

We are taught not to judge others… but what are we doing? Judging!

So, I was on Facebook (yeah I know, what is wrong with me) and one of my more religious “friends” basically stated that anyone who wasn’t straight and was living in “sin” were just like pedophiles, and that they deserved to be punished and go to Hell.

No… No… NO!!

I have several family members and friends who are not straight. I have 2 dads and they are wonderful. But they are NOT in any way shape or form, remotely close to being pedophiles. They are two men who love each other and have gone through hell and back so that they can be together and married! I have other family members who have been lucky enough to marry their partner, and they are the happiest people I know. 

But don’t you ever, ever, EVER make that sort of comparison. 

Just because some one is born different doesn’t give you the right to judge them. 

My dads didn’t choose to be fabulous, they were born fabulous.

And they deserve the same rights as everyone else.


I’m going to move soon, and I found a lot of art supplies that I no longer use. I will be doing a giveaway, and hopefully someone else can use these supplies to make their own masterpiece!

Giveaway ends on Feb. 14th - I will randomly choose one person on that date.

  • Reblog as much as you like (likes do not count)
  • No giveaway blog!
  • You MUST have your ask box open.
  • I will cover all costs.

Here is what you will get!

  • 12 Simply Soft Pastels  - they are all untouched EXCEPT for the green.
  • An old unused Asian calligraphy set.
  • Powders: Gold Bronze Powder (2 containers), Silver Powders (2 containers), Metallic Green Powder (2 containers), and one Metallic Blue Powder.
  • Artist Spatula Set
  • A Stencil Brush Set! Sizes are: 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”
  • 5 Flat Brushes. Sizes are: 0”, 1/2”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”
  • 2 Wash Brushes. Both are size 2.
  • 4 Bristle Brushes. Sizes are: 2”, 3”, 4” (2) (2 of them are lightly used)
  • 12 Round Brushes. Sizes are: 1” (2), 2” (2), 3” (2), 4” (3), 5”, 6” (2)
  • 1 Shader. Size 2.
  • 10 Liner Brushes. Sizes are: 10/0” (2), 6.0”, 0.3”, 0”, 1” (3), 2”, 4”
  • Spotter Brush. Size 10/0.

Good luck! :)

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